Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Field Trips/Luokkaretkiä

(Photo credits)

Our first field trip today was actually to the.... library! We love going to the library, and when our school day became just too frustrating, we decided to close our laptops and call it quits. A trip to the library was just the thing. We actually got a little more school done after we got home.

But, ok - the picture gave it away: our main field trip today was to the Tropicana Field, where Yankees played (are playing?) the Tampa Bay Rays. The Captain (my hero!) took our two Yankee fans and two Red Sox (maybe now Tampa Bay Rays?) fans to watch the game. Pretty special!

Well, Missy & I stayed back home. Our evening was pretty special too {insert many many hearts here}.


Tämän päivän ensimmäinen luokkaretki oli kirjastoon. Mutta päivän kohokohta (ja varsinainen luokkaretki) oli (on!) luokkaretki Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays pesäpallopeliin! Kapteeni, pojat ja pikkuneiti ovat edelleen tällä reissulla, ja sillä välin Missy & minä nautimme ihanasta, harvinaisesta illasta yhdessä.


  1. That looks like fun! The library is actually one of our favorite places to visit too!

  2. Thanks so much, Amy! Looking forward visiting your blog also :)