Saturday, June 25, 2011

Before The Rain/Ennen sadetta

Just a few photos from this week before it started raining.

The joys of a summer day at the camp: having a popsicle on the dock wearing pajamas.

These days are gifts..

Visitors coming by to say hello. And that mama was keeping track! Nine ducklings!
That's what I'd be doing too.. :)

Looking for interesting treasures under the rocks...

My kids are braver than I am...!


Kuvia alkuviikolta ennen kuin alkoi satamaan. Onneksi nautimme ulkonaolosta, nyt olemme saaneet kaikki rästiin jääneet sisähommat tehtyä sateen aikana.

Hyvää juhannusta Suomeen!


  1. ohh...was that a leech? ick!

    sounds like a divine time is being had!!! what a great summer!

  2. Yup, a leech! Ick is right!! I was so proud of myself I went in for a swim after we had discovered it :) I just won't be picking up any rocks (that's where the kids found the leech and the crayfish).

  3. I definitely think you should go for the 9 ducklings!

  4. My girls would be all over that kind of stuff! They love to find insects and creatures, get their hands dirty, touch and explore, while I sit and watch and say things like, "Yes, that's nice honey. Please don't touch mommy with it." ;)

  5. LOL, Saina!!!

    Anna, that would be me, too :-D