Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 10/Päivä 10

First driving lesson! However, we didn't even start the car. But Mr. D now knows, at least in theory, how to drive an automatic :)

Thumbs up for McGeorge's RV Service Center! By 12:30 today The Mothership was fixed, and ready to get back on the road. It was an expensive "rest stop", but The Captain reports the RV is driving better than ever.

We hit heavy traffic around Washington DC and Baltimore, but since then it has been pretty smooth driving. Mr. D & I did a full day of school (while we have been homeschooling every day, including on Memorial Day, it has been challenging to do full days of school). We had a nice long stop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when we restocked the RV with food and drinks, and stopped for dinner.

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While driving we've been getting reports from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Tornadoes are rare up in New England, but not unheard of. Two tornadoes hit Springfield, Massachusetts today, and many towns are reporting severe damage. Many people have lost power. As far as we know there were no tornadoes in our (NH & ME) towns, only severe thunderstorms and hail. Our three children up there are safe and sound. Our thoughts and prayers are with people of Massachusetts tonight.

We sure are glad our Mothership wasn't in the line of destruction tonight. Even the hail could have done on a number on our aluminum can..

So, we have been driving about eight hours, and are ready to rest. We are somewhere in Northern Pennsylvania, and probably will pull over before New York. We should get to New Hampshire tomorrow, and to Maine on Friday!


Tänään pääsimme takaisin tien päälle lounasaikaan. Ajoimme Marylandin läpi Pennsylvaniaan, ja aiomme pian pysähtyä yöksi. Huomenna pitäisi päästä New Hampshireen, ja perjantaina Maineen.

Ajomatkan aikana olemme pitäneet kotikoulua, sekä seuranneet säätä Uudessa Englannissa. Koko alueella on ollut tornado-varoituksia, ja kaksi pyörremyrskyä on tehnyt isoja tuhoja Springfield, Massachusettsissa (minkä läpi tulemme ajamaan huomenna). Golf-pallon kokoisia rakeita oli satanut meidän Mainen kodin alueella tänään. Meidän kolme lastamme ovat turvassa, heidän alueillaan oli ollut vain ukkosmyrskyjä. Hurjaa silti!


  1. Oh I'm so glad I found you again!! What an adventure, so full of memories for your children.

    Safe travels, I'll be following along!
    Momma to 5, homeschooling in NH

  2. Hi Krista, nice to hear from you!! We are almost to NH, just crossed into MA. Tomorrow I'll be driving to Maine through your neck of the woods, I'll make sure to wave to you as we pass by :)

  3. OMG! I LOVE your lifestyle! It looks like it is so much fun! To able to travel and see new things and learn new hings and meet new people everyday is a wonderful experience for your children

  4. theotherteacher, we love it too :)