Thursday, June 16, 2011


We are back in Maine, and plan to stay put for the rest of the month. One side of the house is pure bliss - serene and beautiful. Loons calling. Boys fishing and kayaking. So peaceful. Unless you start listening. Or just walk to the other side of the house. When you do, you see this:

Digging with the excavator and little bobcat, people working on the well, septic system and little cabins. Trucks coming and going. Busyness. Noise.

I still think it is pure bliss.

At least it will be once the black flies go away.


Olemme Mainessa taas. Järven puolella taloa elämä on yhtä autuutta. Niin rauhallista ja kaunista. Mutta ei tarvitse kävellä kuin toiselle puolelle taloa niin löytää kunnon raksan koneineen ja meluineen.

Silti autuutta.

Ainakin tulee olemaan kunhan mäkäräiset katoavat.


  1. Black flies go away?! What part of Maine are you in again? LOL Actually the little flies are much better one. The mosquitoes have replaced them! LOL


  2. Oh no!!!!!! Jessy, are you saying the black flies are here the whole summer?? In NH they disappear mid-Juneish. The mosquitoes are bad too, but the black flies are just nasty :-/

  3. yes, i would like one side more than the other as well!! :)

    hope y'all have a great, fun summer!!

    we have darn mosquitoes here...sigh.