Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Day (12)/Viimeinen Päivä (12)

This is it. We finished our last travel day today. What? You thought that was yesterday? When we arrived in New Hampshire? Oh no. We enjoyed our New Hampshire home, and it was so nice to stop traveling for a moment, but we still had a five hour drive ahead of us, times two.

Last night after visiting with a dear friend, and doing laundry and packing (still awake at 2 am), my alarm rang at 5:20 am. I woke Mr. T up at 6 am and we were on the road by 6:15 am. We picked up Missy (yay!!!!) at 8 am, and started driving North.

We arrived in our nest in the sticks after lunch, unpacked the car, dropped Mr. T off at baseball practice, and I crashed (I'm too old for missing sleep!). Slept maybe an hour before I was woken up by the SQUIRREL!!!!! Yes, Mr. (or Ms.) Squirrel is still residing here. Sigh. We also saw deer on our road and a woodchuck on our driveway. Welcome Back to the life in Maine :)

Missy and I went to watch Mr. T's baseball game, and while there, the Captain, Mr. A & Mr. D had arrived in the Mothership. And I forgot to take a picture :-/ Our silver bullet is sitting on our driveway up here in Maine! Oh, and by the way (I know I'm rambling - I haven't slept enough!!), it is COLD up here!! Balmy 54F outside, and 60F inside - had to dig up my lambskin boots and down jacket again. In June. Yup, it's Maine!

And that finishes our whirlwind RV trip of Spring 2011.

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Sunday Snapshot


Nyt alkaa kyllä väsy painamaan, saankohan aikaan järkevää tekstiä? Tänään saimme meidän asuntoautoreissumme loppuun, kun saavuimme Maineen. Tosin kahdessa erässä: minä kolmen tunnin yöunien jälkeen treffasin Missyn Mr. T:n kanssa aamulla aikaisin, ja ajoimme autolla Mainen mökillemme - Mr. T:llä oli pesisharkat ja peli tänään. Kapteeni tuli asuntoautolla Mr. A:n ja Mr. D:n kanssa illalla.

Elo täällä Mainen metsässä, järven rannalla on aivan ihanaa. Sisällä asuvasta oravasta huolimatta, ja oikeastaan täällä on virkistävän kylymä: 12 C ulkona ja 15 C sisällä - ainakin Virginian 40 C asteen jälkeen!! Elämää pohjoisen metsissä :)

Ja ihanaa kun saatiin vihdoin kevään 2011 asuntoautoreissumme kunnialla loppuun asti! Nyt hyvää yötä.............. (ihme että olen hereillä vielä.....)


  1. I'm glad you made it to home #3safe and sound!

  2. Welcome back to Maine! Isn't the cool weather wonderful? LOL We had a number of 80s while you were gone...and they'll come back! LOL

  3. Yay!! You got a tiny breather before taking off again. ;-) We can't wait to see you!!!

  4. Thank you, Sharron!! I've enjoyed my stop here - tomorrow I get to go to Virginia to visit my sister and get back to Little Miss <3

    Jessy, we have wondered how warm it's going to get :) But we'll enjoy these cool days while we can!!

    Saina, I can't believe it will be tomorrow!!!!

  5. That sounds like a very fun trip : )

  6. Intense, but fun too :) Thanks for visiting, Life with Kaishon!