Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Days/Kesäpäiviä

I can't believe how fast time is flying! We are now enjoying our last days in Maine (for now), and the computer has been off for the most part. There is a lot of play and a lot of work that needs to be done. We leave Maine on Friday, and we'll be gone for about seven weeks.
No pictures of work for now, but a few of playing:

Red light/Green light game.

One of many, many water fights.

See what's about to happen here?

Yup! And the water is so cold (neighbors told us lower 60's) your arms and legs feel to shocked and numb to move.

We officially wrapped up 6th grade (Little Miss joining in the pic, of course) yesterday when we had our online portfolio interviews. There is nothing else to do now! Next homeschooling step is to register with our county for next year, which we won't do until end of summer.

More serious play: Mr. T is almost done with baseball! We had our first Little League tournament game last night, and even though it started dramatically: Mr. T got hit in the face by a wicked fastball and had quite the welt on his cheek, the game got a lot better when he sent the ball flying and scored a home run!! Yay, Mr. T!! We won the game, which means we'll play again on Wednesday. If we win, our championship game is on Friday.

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Vietämme viimeisiä päiviä täällä Mainessä (mikä on ollut kuin lapsuuden kesät mökillä Suomessa). Haikeana lähdemme perjantaina pois - noin seitsemäksi viikoksi...! Olemme yrittäneet ottaa joka hetkestä irti leikkien ja nauttien, mutta paljon on ollut töitäkin, ja edessä vielä. Nyt saimme kaikki kuudennen luokan kotikoulutyöt tehtyä, eikä tarvitse enää tehdä yhtään mitään sen eteen, helpotuksen huokaus...!

Vesileikit ja pihaleikit ovat olleet päivien kohokohtia, ja pesäpallo tietenkin, Mr. T:lle. Eilinen peli alkoi dramaattisesti - pallo osui pojan poskeen, mutta pian sen jälkeen hän sai kunniajuoksun (google käänsi home run näin?), ja peli parani siitä. Voitto tuli kotiin, ja keskiviikkona taas uusi peli.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your adventures and looking at your beautiful photos!

    Please stop by my blog.

  2. Just "hopping" over to visit from the HHH. Your photos are beautiful!

    Hope you have a blessed day,

  3. Awesome! Go Mr. T! Things look beautiful there as usual. :)

  4. So much fun!! Love those photos!! =)

  5. found you on the hip homeschools hop!

    love the motorhome and your pictures, thanks for sharing your adventures here!

    tina at september

  6. Leaving Maine for a while? Oh, no! Well, we hope you all return for some camp time! Summer is just getting going here! (We're on an island of the coast right now with my family.) Enjoy your travels!

  7. Yay!!! Way to go, T!!! Wish we could be there to see him play! We have a minor league team here and tickets for next week - maybe I could entice him to visit with a promise of a game?! :-)

    Great pics... What an awesome, dreamy place for the kids to make memories in - just like we did!

  8. Beautiful pictures.. Have fun wherever you are going.. back to Maine soon!

  9. Thank you, Theresa, I will definitely come over for a visit!

    Thank you, Lisa! I am planning to do my hop rounds tonight :)

    Thanks, Anna! Glad you are back in the blogging world!

    Bethany, hope all is well! So glad we had a chance to connect (last month?) <3

    Tina, it's so fun :) Coming over to visit your blog soon!

    Oh, Jessy, enjoy!!! I can't wait to come back here.

    Saina, I wish he could come!! But you know.. Another time, though :) And yes, I love it that this place can be like mökki <3

    T - enjoy your time in Maine!!

  10. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my blog (M and J in a Nutshell). I LOVE yours! I dream of traveling and homeschooling and working all at the same time. I have seriously considered a "tiny house" and suburban combination. Right now, we are staying put in New York though...maybe in the future we will hit the road...

    And, I am adopted too, so I loved reading your adoption story! :)

  11. Looks like a wonderful time in Maine! Sorry about the welt on the face -- that would be quite painful.

    As usual, I've enjoyed reading about your adventures.


  12. Malea, maybe one day!! We love our traveling lifestyle, although these departures are hard!

    Thanks, Rachel! Yes, that was one painful welt, but fortunately wasn't worse than that...!