Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Happy Father's Day!!!}

We had major fighting today. War, in fact.

Boys vs. The Captain and Little Miss (Missy & I were busy in the kitchen).

Grandpa - which team would you have been on?? :)

Full gear was required.

There are two versions of which team won.

But everyone agreed a fun time was had by all :)

Happy Father's Day to the Captain and Grandpa! (Vaari too, although Father's Day in Finland is in November.) We are so blessed to have such wonderful men and role models in our life. Thank You!!

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Sunday Snapshot


Usassa vietetään tänään Isänpäivää. Meillä oli kunnon vesisota pojat vastaan Kapteeni ja Pikkuneiti (Missy ja minä leivoimme kakkua keittiössä). Ihana päivä oli, ja kohokohta ehdottomasti aamun taistelut :)


  1. looks like you all had a wonderful time! great action pictures! thanks for sharing this special day with us. :)

  2. How fun!!! Oh, how I love Little Miss' war gear and the fact that she was right in the midst of it. Not surprised! I think my Ellie is going to be like that. ;-)

  3. Thank you, jdavis2 and Saina! It was a fun & special day <3

  4. Your blog has made me even more excited to visit New England. I really hope it will be next year. I always thought it would be fun to have my girls all at the same age and level of school. I am curious whether you agree or disagree since you have actual experience.

  5. momofbugs, I really hope you can come visit New England! Lots of fun places to see and things to do. We <3 New England!!

    As far as having the kids at the same level, there are pros and cons. We use Monarch where each student works independently, so I'm not really 'teaching a classroom'. But they all might hit the same problem at different times, and once I've figured it out with the first one it's easier to help the second, third and fourth one :)

    But, as each one of my quads is very individual, they learn differently and have different strengths and weaknesses. It is pretty much impossible not to compare - either by us parents, or the kids themselves to each other. One always finishes a day hours before others, or the school year weeks before the others, while one lags behind feeling down. I can't say to him his school work is different etc.. It is all the same. But we can point out his strengths and encourage him.

    It probably is easier to teach one level at the time, as now I am starting Kindergarten with Little Miss and I'm finding it hard to switch gears. But I am still trying to figure it all out :) I still feel we are new to homeschooling after only doing it for two years :)