Monday, June 13, 2011

Sixth Grade Done/Kuudes luokka valmis!!!

Our family has utilized technology to the fullest, this year, for sure! We even wrapped up 6th grade tonight over the internet: Mr. D finished two quizzes and a book report over the (voip) phone on his computer in Maine, as mom graded it all on her computer, in Virginia. (For new readers - we use Monarch, an online curriculum, for our older students.)

Yay!!!! Feels so good. Mid-semester this Spring I realized we still had a ton to do. Especially Mr. D. I had originally set June 10th to be our last day of school, but it started to look like it was going to be either July 10th or August 10th... But, we were able to put on fast gears and some days do double work (plus the teacher may or may not have taken a few extra projects off the calendar).

Now, mom still needs to put together end-of-the-year reports for Florida... Which means at least one full day of work, if not two, but I'd say the kids are officially done with their second year of homeschooling!!

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Tänään saimme kuudennen luokan loppuun! Mahtava tunne. Toinen kotikouluvuosi nyt takana. Nyt lapset pääsevät kesälaitumille, äidin pitää vielä laittaa kokoon kansiot jokaisesta oppilaasta Floridan osavaltiota varten - että he voivat varmistaa, että kotikoululaiset oppivat tarvittavan määrän, mutta lapset saivat koulun kunnialla loppuun asti!! Jee!!!


  1. Woohoo!!! Two years under your belt!!! Glad you are there, I can lean on you for support when we really start. :-) You are doing a great job!

  2. Congratulations to you and the kids for finishing up another year! It feels great, doesn't it?


  3. what an awesome feeling I am sure. We are continuing school in the mornings for the summer as we wait for me to travel for our new little sister:) So we aren't officially ending but wrapping around this summer but it still feels good:)

    I am looking at some online work for next year, your info about Monarch has been awesome this year.

  4. Thank you, Saina!! I am feeling a bit more comfortable now :) Maybe you should start B in the fall so we can do K together :)

    Thank you, Jessy! Yes, it does :-D

    quilt-n-mama, sounds like a great plan. So exciting how soon you'll be going to pick up your little one!!
    Let me know if I can help with Monarch, we really are so happy with it.

  5. Congratulations! This was my 1st year and looks like we will be going through the middle of August. No sweat though, we will still enjoy summer.
    Thanks for stopping by and offering your condolences.

  6. Thanks, Mrs. O! A lot of homeschoolers go year round and it works for them. We decided to skip a bunch of 'extra' stuff and have a summer break.

  7. congratulations! what an accomplishment! whew! now you can ALL breath easier... and enjoy summer! ;)

  8. jdavis2, as soon as mama gets the homeschool portfolios done, then yes :) But we are loving Maine summer - not too hot (just too buggy)!