Monday, April 26, 2010

After The Storm/Myrskyn jälkeen

We didn't get tornadoes here in St. Pete, but it sure was windy and stormy last night! Thunder and lightning, heavy rain and 60-65 mph wind made our condo rattle and shake, as well as some of our condo's residents. We were very curious to go on our morning walk to assess the damage. Which, surprisingly, wasn't all that bad. New England ice and wind storms seem to do way more damage than last night's craziness outside. On the beach the sand had blown up towards the dunes and the roads were littered with palm branches.

It stayed windy all day, but in the afternoon some of us ventured out to the beach to play in the sand and waves. We didn't stay too long, and came back to the condo to wash all the sand off of our ears and hair and bathing suits. (Yay for outdoor shower, and washer & dryer!)

Last night we missed our evening walk due to the storm and drenching rain, but tonight the sunset was gorgeous! Captain & I walked a long way on the beach and just enjoyed. The beautiful colors, each others' company and time to chill and relax. Heavenly!


Usassa on ollut viikonloppuna pyörremyrskyjä ja kovia tuhoja. Täällä Floridassa ei onneksi niitä ollut, mutta viime yön myrsky oli kyllä hurja! Laitoin kuvia myrskyn jäljistä, sekä kauniista auringonlaskusta rannalta.


  1. Imagine what those winds would have been likein the mothership! Glad you were at the condo.

  2. Yes, very thankful!! Also very thankful not to be in New England today (see new blog post :)
    So excited to see N&T today, wish you guys were here too!!!