Friday, April 9, 2010

Roadschooling/ Koulua tien päällä

We left this morning - not very early - and have been driving for a few hours. Stopped for lunch and got a charger for the laptops so we can roadschool. The goal is only to get Friday's work done, and Mr. A is working on a Language Arts quiz and Mr. T is taking a Bible lesson. A pretty fun way to do school! (And blogging!! :)


Lähdimme aamulla ajamaan, ja nyt kaksi pojista tekee koulutehtäviään läppäreillään. Matka jatkuu...


  1. Fun!! Was charging the laptops a problem?

  2. We got a heavy-duty charger that can handle charging both Dells. I have to charge my MacBook alone, otherwise the power keeps flickering, but it still worked great!