Thursday, April 22, 2010

Made It To St. Pete!

This is what school looked like today for us. I had my teacher's version up on my laptop on the kitchen table, and the kids were working on their Dells each at their own pace. I think Mr. T was actually doing school outside at the picnic table.

After school and packing we took a quick last swim at the campground pool. Our boys were having a meeting here at one end of the pool :)

Before dropping the Mothership off we made sure she was all sparkly and clean. After driving off (and being about half an hour away) I remembered I forgot the milk in the fridge. Oops!!!

We arrived to St. Pete at sunset. Aaahhh.......!!!!! We are renting a great little condo here, just a stone's throw away from the beach. After putting the kids to bed, the Captain & I came out to sit on the balcony (from where the kids saw dolphins earlier!) to chill and relax. Love listening to the waves, the rustle of palm tree branches (and an occasional car driving by :).

Life Is Good! God Is Good...!!!! So very good...


  1. Ihanaa, että asuntoasiat järjestyy! Onko tämä nyt se saman vuokratädin ranta-asunto, jolta saatte myöhemmin isomman talon vuokralle? Ja wow, vähänkö teidän lapset on RUSKETTUNEITA!!!

  2. Jep, tyttism!! Saadaan olla täällä melkeinpä niin paljon kuin haluamme, eilen tuumattiin että miksi meidän pitääkään mennä sinne isompaan taloon :) Mutta menemme sinne kahden viikon kuluttua ja aloitan sen kiropraktikkokokeilun, sekä kirjastokirjat pitää palauttaa :)
    Voi olla että kuvissa lapset näyttää ruskeimmilta, mutta ollaanhan me vähän väriä saatu. Onneksi ei kukaan palanut vielä, aurinkorasvaa kuluu ja kuluu..

  3. Wow! Your new life seems to be great! Adventure after adventure... so many kids and you can keep things together and schoolwork done.

    Maybe we can try it someday when the kids are a bit older... our youngest (1 y.o) is screaming his head off everytime we travel a bit longer than to nearest supermarket so I´ll say we wait few years :)

    I´m so happy to be able to travel with you via this blog. Thank you! Have a safe journey!


  4. Tanja, it has been so incredible! I'm sitting here thinking about blogging, but where do I start? It has been an amazing day.. I hope you get to go on adventures like this with your family <3 <3 <3