Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Is A Monday, Even In Paradise...

Monday morning came with a Bang! Homeschooling was very challenging, and the laundry piles daunting (and mostly wet and dirty, ugh!). After conquering today's schoolwork, getting laundry started, lunch served, and dinner started in the crockpot, we took a nice break in the campground pool. Aaah...!

It started raining again after dinner, so we popped in a movie and got the beds ready. It is lovely to be listening to rain drumming on the Mothership roof and be comfy and warm inside. A good ending to a busy day..


  1. Movie night looks so cozy, especially imagining the RV with the sound of the rain! Awesome!
    Cute picture of the water creatures and your laundry helper! Not showing the pool one to my boys... they've been asking about going in the pool!

  2. It is! I'm falling in love with the Mothership :) Little Miss said today she misses B & N...