Sunday, April 18, 2010

All Together Again/Kaikki yhdessä jälleen!

Friday night our mini family attended a Hangar Party at the Lakeland Linder Airport during the Sun n' Fun Airshow, hosted by our friends in Lakeland. What a fantastic party with great company, food & entertainment! Thanks, family H, for the fun evening!!

Saturday morning we pulled out of Sanlan RV Park in the Mothership, and made our first stop at Tampa International Airport, where we picked up our two missing family members: Missy & Mr. D. They had had a fun week at my sister's house, but were so ready to join Our Mothership Adventures! They thought it was quite cool to be picked up from the airport in the Mothership :)

From the airport we continued Mothership Travels and drove via the Skyway bridge (very cool!) to Fort Myers, where we met some New England friends, who had relocated to Florida two years ago. We were going to stop by, but ended up staying for a swim in the pool, dinner & an overnight visit! Thanks, Family C, we had a wonderful visit!! We hope to see you soon again!

This morning we drove down to Naples, in rain, and visited Naples in rain. We left Naples about an hour ago (blogging here as the Captain is driving), and it's still raining - so weird, we are listening to music as we drive, and as I typed: "it's still raining", Casting Crowns sang exactly at the same time: "it's still raining" (song Praise You In The Storm).

We really, really like Naples. The Captain's Grandparents used to live there, and we fondly remember many fun times spent there. We had lunch at the Pinchers Crab Shack in Tin City, and had fun browsing the little shops. Everyone agreed the Crab Shack had the best New England Clam Chowder! (The question is - was it really better than the Cooke Seafood's chowder, or are we all just a little bit homesick?)

(Had to add a photo of this t-shirt we saw, just for fun!)

What a great weekend mothershipping around Florida West Coast! Even in the rain..


Perjantai-illan vietimme ystäviemme lentokonesuojabileissä Lakelandissa, siellä on koko viikon ollut ilmashow. Lauantaina haimme kaksi puuttuvaa perheenjäsentämme Tampan lentokentältä. Heillä oli ollut kiva viikko siskoni luona, mutta olivat valmiit Mothership-seikkailuihin :) Lauantain vietimme ystäviemme luona Fort Myers'issa, tämä ystäväperhe muutti meidän läheltä Uudesta Englannista tänne kaksi vuotta sitten. Jäimme heille jopa yöksi, ja tänään kävimme Naples'issa. Kapteenin isovanhemmat asuivat siellä monta vuotta, ja meillä on monia hyviä muistoja Naples'in kaupungista. Se oli yhtä ihana merenrantakaupunki millaisena sen muistamme.. Nyt olemme tien päällä taas, hyvä aika blogata :) Kiva viikonloppu Mothership-seikkailuille, jopa sateisella säällä!


  1. We MISS the big kiddos!! The little guys have been asking when they are coming back... It was so much fun, we really need to make it a regular thing!!
    So cool that you met up with the C family. Sounds like a great stop! And clam chowder sounds yummy! Love the t-shirt - might need one :) :) :)

  2. LOL, Saina!! I actually thought of you and that one FB thread when I posted the pic :-D
    And yes, let's do this on a regular basis!!

  3. Sounds like you're having a really great time. And nice to have the whole family reunited again :-)

  4. Thanks, Soile! It's just not the same without everyone :)