Saturday, April 10, 2010

Must Have iPhone App (For Non-Mothership Traveling)

The Captain and 5ennie are not only coffee lovers, but caffeine addicts as well. In order to travel 12 hours a day, especially confined to small spaces with any number of loud circus animals children, we definitely need our cups of java. Which, in turn, makes us need to stop and use the roadside bathroom facilities on a regular basis. We do try to blame these stops on the children, but the fact is, it's the adults who need most stops.

In the past we'd use the "look and see" method at highway exits to find a restroom. But too often we'd pass the exit and say: "Ooooh, I see it now, yes, there was a Burger King...!", and then desperately need to get off the next exit even if there aren't any signs. Then drive 500 5 miles to the nearest town to find a disgusting gas station with a port-a-potty. Or there would be a sign, you'd get off the exit, and still drive that 5 miles to find that hideously gross facility you absolutely had to use or go hide in the bushes.

No more! 5ennie searched for a rest area iphone app, and found the Rest Area Finder! A free app! A must have for any non-Mothership traveling.

The Rest Area Finder App uses your location to list all rest areas, then tells you what the facilities have or have not, and how far away you are. In our case, we found The Virginia Visitor Center about 10 miles away, a nice clean facility to take our break. Score!!

We have to confess we longingly watch all the RV's on the road. I bet they aren't stopping at every single rest area to use the public facilities...


  1. Hilarious!!! And so true!!! I'm sure everyone appreciates the mothership a little more. ;-)

    I'm so going to go download that app... I made all the wrong choices coming up - this will be perfect! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Yes!! Boy, we miss it!! Definitely download the app, it's great!

  3. Thanks, Marsha :) Continuing our trip this morning from Georgia.