Thursday, April 8, 2010


We are leaving! Tomorrow morning!!!!!

Last-minute people that we are, we have had crazy nutty two days with impossible errands and to-do lists. I don't know why I always do this to myself, but I can't seem to get things done ahead of time (of course it could be partly because of slight daily busyness: I am the mom/teacher/secretary/chef/laundry person/the list could go on - in fact, I may blog about that soon - filling out the health insurance form I had a hard time choosing my occupation). Then, a day or two before departure I shock myself with everything I/we do get done. Of course I did manage to lose one of my packing lists, so at some point we might find out we left something really important behind...

I was too busy to take pictures in daylight, and can't count on myself to remember to take pictures tomorrow morning, so here are my dark iPhone pics to share. The above picture was taken of our car before our personal bags got in, this is The Captain's office moving South. And possibly his ride to the office if 5ennie & kids are using the car, and he can handle the Florida Summer temperatures...

So all this still had to fit in, plus a few smaller bags we can't pack until the morning...

We are going to try to leave as early as possible, but it won't be before sunrise. I will try to send an update or two from the road. Our plan is to drive all day tomorrow, stop for the night in the DC area, then continue our trip down on Saturday.

Oh, and we will be traveling with only 3 children! Mr. D and Missy are going to take a week off of school and spend some time with my sister. They will only have to drive half way down, then they will fly to Florida the rest of the way. Which is a great plan as I am not sure where we'd seat them in the car tomorrow....


Olemme lähdössä matkaan huomenna!!!!! Viimeiset kaksi päivää (varsinkin) ovat olleet ihan mahdottoman hektisiä valmisteluiden merkeissä. Viime hetkellä suunnitelmiin tuli muutos, ja lähdemme ajamaan vain kolmen lapsen kanssa. Kaksi lapsista tulee viettämään noin viikon siskoni luona, ja lentävät Floridaan myöhemmin. Mikä päätyi olemaan loistava ratkaisu: auto on ihan täynnä!!! Yritän päivittää matkalta, suunnitelmana on ajaa koko päivä huomenna, olla yötä Washington DC:n alueella, ja jatkaa matkaa lauantaiaamuna, toivottavasti perille saakka.


  1. Have a great and safe trip!

  2. Thanks, Soile! Tien päällä, vihdoin lakkasi satamasta, helpompi ajaa.

  3. Thanks for letting me borrow your two wonderful kids... we've already had so much fun with them!! And they've been a huge help!!