Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bicycle Museum by Mr T

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Hi, it's Mr. T! I'm glad to be able to write on a museum of something I love: Bicycles! Who would've thought that in the middle of nowhere, there would be such an amazing museum as the Bicycle Museum of America?

I think everyone agrees that this was one of the coolest museums we've ever been to. It was stock full with bikes from the past two centuries, and described the history of each one. Many of the bicycles were extremely rare, and the museum was full of ones that I have never even heard of!

Anyways, let's get started!

The world's first bicycle was powered by just walking. I suppose it's still nice, but would've hurt a LOT on the bumps.

The first bicycles had no gears, and the pedals were attached to one big wheel. This made it so that the larger the wheel, the faster one could go with each pedal revolution. However, the issue with this was that the front wheel became dangerously large, making it so that 'headers' (faceplants while on the bike) became common when one leaned forward.

The Wolff-American Ice Bicycle was meant to be ridden on the snow and ice, and might have been more successful if there wasn't that deadly rear wheel.

The three wheels fixed the 'header' problem, but was inefficient, and didn't work out too well.

Only a little scary.

What? No pedals? The one above was more like a scooter, and was powered by bouncing the frame up and down.


Sennie adds: Thanks, Mr T! It was a really cool museum.

A fantastic home school field trip destination! Admission for students is only $1, adults $3 each. It is located in New Bremen, Ohio. Here's the website and info on hours and directions. Don't miss this one!


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