Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Games at Beach/Rantaleikkejä

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I'm not sure if we built any sandcastles at the beach this past May, but we did try to take a lot of walks (or a run for some), and would go down to play games, usually at sunset. Above is some ninja something game I see the kids playing sometimes, but I'm not really sure how that is played.

When we go swimming, we usually bring a ball along for tossing. This May we didn't get enough beach homeschool PE, but next time we go, I'm determined to change that:)

Sometimes the kids would indulge and smile at me when I pointed the camera at them:)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Our favorite continues to be tar pit (tervapata). It is so much fun, and we all play. All you need to do is draw a large circle in the sand, and have little half-circle 'homes' for all but one player, along the outside of the big circle. One person is 'it', and has a stick, shovel or shoe they toss behind another player. Then the two players race around the circle to see who gets to the home half-circle first. Simple, yet a lot of fun, and great exercise, too. If you peek here, you can see us playing this a few years ago:)


Ranta on mahtava takapiha:) Me ei toukokuussa saatu löhöillä rannalla niin usein kuin olisi halunnut, mutta iltaisin yleensä joko menimme kävelylle, tai leikimme rannalla hetken aikaa. Tervapata on edelleen suosikkimme! Ihana, kun koko perhe tykkää pelata sitä.


  1. Kauniit pojat eli silmät. Heistä näkyy se rakkaus, joka heihin annettu.

  2. Tervapata on ehdottomasti huippu peli! :) Kivat kuvat rannalta!

  3. Kiitos, Jutta! Ihania poikia ovat <3 <3 <3

    Eikös, Ina! Ja tosi hauskaa kun teinipojatkin tykkäävät vielä:)