Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nantucket Beach Day/Rantapäivä saarella

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In the midst of our Nantucket work week, we got a beach day yesterday! The only day for us to sneak away, and it turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day (thank you, God!). We loaded the kids into Grandpa's Grand Willys, and off we went!

Yesterday we chose to go to a calmer beach on the northern shore (usually the big kids talk us into one of the south shore beaches, as the surf is heavier there, like Tom Nevers). It was perfect.

The Captain is a pro behind the wheel, whether he is driving the Mothership or off-roading on the beach:)

Truly heavenly. So needed.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Missy and Mr D loved laying on the blanket, reading (I got half way done with my book, as well.). Little Miss is the luckiest little sister having Mr A and Mr T digging in the sand with her.

And the Captain? He brought his mobile office with him, and I have a feeling his customers had no idea where he was working from:)

We left the beach feeling rejuvenated and happy. Thankful.


Meillä on työviikko meneillään Nantucketin saarella, mutta eilen livahdimme rannalle. Siis niin ihanaa, ja tuli tarpeeseen. Luimme kirjoja, leikimme hiekassa ja meressä, ja Kapteeni sai tehtyä töitäkin autosta käsin. Saimme palata rannalta onnellisina ja rentoutuneina!


  1. That looks so awesome! I'm glad you got a day to recover!

  2. Kaunista on ja taas loistavia valokuvia

  3. Sharron, it was so wonderful <3

    Kiitos, Allu!!