Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Seeing Winter And Friends (Again)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

One must-see destination for us in Florida is Clearwater Marine Aquarium, to see Winter, the dolphin from Dolphin Tale movie, and her friends, too. We've been there before (see here and here - videos, too).

You can also read Winter's story here. I don't want to give anything away if you are planning to watch the movie.

Winter was having a training session while we were there, which was neat to watch.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This (above) is Hope, Winter's friend. A Dolphin Tale sequel (see a preview here) is coming out this September, telling the tale of Hope. We are looking forward to seeing the movie. Another must-see is the documentary about Winter's life, if you haven't seen it yet.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium rescues many sea animals. Some of the turtles come in, and are released out into the ocean again, once they have recovered, but some stay and live at the aquarium, like these guys.

We highly recommend a trip (it makes a great homeschool field trip!) there!

Kävimme toukokuussa akvaariossa, jossa asuu pelastettu Winter-delfiini elokuvasta Dolphin Tale. Kakkososa elokuvaan on tulossa syksyllä, kertoen pelastetun Hope-delfiinin (näkyy yhdessä kuvassa) tarinan. Suosittelemme myös dokumentaaria todellisesta tarinasta, vaikka elokuva perustuu tositarinaan, se ei kuitenkaan kerro kaikkia yksityiskohtia ja tapahtumia oikein. En tiedä löytyykö suomeksi ollenkaan? Jos tulet Floridaan, kannattaa käydä Clearwaterin kautta länsirannikolla.

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