Sunday, July 27, 2014

Model T Museum in Richmond, Indiana

Richmond, Indiana, is right off the highway I-70, east of Indianapolis, near Ohio and Indiana border. During our stay in Indiana we discovered there is a lot to see in Richmond!

We met our Indiana friends at the Model T Museum. It's a small, but wonderful museum. Especially all my boys (including the Captain) enjoyed it. I have to admit I was a little preoccupied visiting with my friend, but I, too, enjoyed walking around and seeing these old beauties.

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The museum is located in downtown Richmond, Indiana, in the Depot District. There were a lot of cool buildings nearby. The museum has a small admission fee ($3/adult, under 12 free), and they were open on Sunday until 5 pm.

Loved the paintings on the buildings!

The museum is pretty much a one room museum, but it was packed. It is ranked #1 Richmond attraction on Tripadvisor.

We found these snowmobiles fascinating! They sure have come a long way...

This old firetruck was a gorgeous!

Lucky us (another blessing on this trip!), as we arrived at the museum, all these Model Ts started driving in! Turns out there was a club meeting that night! We thought the parking lot was just as interesting as the little museum!

Off they go, to have dinner.

Making a stop-over at the Model T Museum sure is worth it. Afterward, go have dinner at Clara's Pizza King!


  1. Hi Sennie! What a funny coincidence, Ari and I visited yesterday a car museum in Kangasala and saw, among the others, a couple of Model T Fords from the 1920's :-) They sure do have rather more personality than the modern cars. And I just have to tell you that it's an education in itself to read your blog posts - and see your photos - about your travels around the USA - there is obviously no end to interesting and marvellous things to see there! I bet your kids learn WAY more about their home country than the average American kids sitting in classrooms do.

    With blessing from Finland,
    - Heli

  2. Eikös, isä!!??

    Heli, I agree!!! We all learn so much in our travels, it truly has been incredible these last few years. Thank you<3

  3. Well I left a comment earlier, but I don't know what happened to it. Anyway, that was a great afternoon! I didn't even see the mural of the firefighters!! Your pictures turned out great, as usual and I'm so bummed I didn't see the Chinese sign!! Oh well, we'll have to go back some time.